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My summer break wasn't so much a time of rest and relaxation as it was a break from the routine. Instead of putting my feet up and folding my hands I enrolled and completed another course at the local community college -- my nose in three different texts on Asian Art.

As I contemplated the return to the weekly pictures/stories, I didn't have to think too much about this week's story -- it literally walked into our front yard.

Summoned from a near perfect couch slumber (the local news station obsessing about the heat wave and coaxing me into a deep sleep) I rose at the bidding of the Editor-In-Chief of this outfit to come see 'someone's pet bird that got out'. Containing my excitement at the prospect of seeing such a sight I made my way to our front stoop and sure enough, before my very eye's, was 'someone's pet bird that got out'. There, across the street in our neighbors yard was this bird that walked everywhere (so much so that we were concerned about whether it could fly).

Now it was one of those blistering hot Kansas days. As he watched us watch him, he (I can only guess) noticed the sprinkler in our front yard. I instinctively knew what would happen next. He 'walked' across the street and into the spray of our sprinkler. By now it was obvious that he was a pigeon, hungry and thirsty. The hospitality of the Editor-In-Chief sprang into action and a sumptuous supply of bird seed and a deep dish of cold water was served. He 'walked' to the food dish and feverishly picked through the seeds and took deep gulps of water (a drinking characteristic of pigeons -- although I think he was parched).

I checked the web with his band information and found that he is an American Racing Pigeon, out of Kansas City. The article went on to note that carrier pigeons will sometimes get lost and if found all that is needed is some food, water and a nights rest before they head for the sky and their way home. Sure enough after he feasted on premium Kansas bird seed and had his fill of Johnson County tap water and a couple hours of rest he took flight and was once again on his way.

The whole of this entertained a couple of people and basically wrote this week's story.


After we were certain that we had done a good thing, providing food, water and rest to a weary traveler, we woke the next day and discovered Scout (yes we named him) standing over the food dish. It wasn't long before 'checking out the window' became our morning routine. The other waits to hear the words "He's Back"! And so it is -- Scout is a regular visitor (three weeks now) partaking in the seed buffet and fresh water offered to a menagerie of animals (birds, rabbits, squirrels, etc.) that grace our little corner of the world, enjoying our B&B amenities for the wild.

"Little by little one walks far."

- Peruvian Proverb

The picture and writ'n is approved by the Editor-in-Chief of this outfit.
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