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Through the years and many trips to Silver Dollar City we have come to know several individuals two of which are Mike and Sue Sears, SDC's 2011 Craftsman of the year. There 'true to life' love story has been a life long journey for both.

As I watched Mike paint in his booth over the many SDC Harvest Festivals I noticed a small black & white picture of a young girl taped to the upper right hand corner of his drawing table. I was going to ask about the little picture but thought it may be that of a daughter that was lost at an early age. I didn't want to pry and chose not to follow-up on my curiosity. But as we got to know Mike and Sue it got the better of me and I asked. Mike smiled and said that it was a picture of his wife when she was a little girl (one of his favorites).

Most of Mike's paintings are painted on sawn lumber slices. Three years ago we were visiting when I noticed his newest painting. There on the wall of his booth was a 4' or 5' lumber slice (with the bark still on the top and bottom edges) with four painted barns. The barn on the far left was pictured as it was being constructed in the Spring. The next barn was pictured upon its completion in Summer. The third barn started to show some wear and tear (Fall) and the final barn, depicted in a winter scene, was that of a barn that has served its many years. Mike & Sue prepared a note that accompanies the painting.


"Late one night, in my small workshop, I was reflecting on my life with my beloved wife, Susie. That is how "Seasons of Life" became a reality.

The time when I met and fell head-over-heels in love with my lifelong partner, Susie.

This represents the beginning of our life together as a loving couple.

The middle years with our two children in a happy and full of life family of four. Plus all of the wonderful additions to our family.

This is the time when we realize just how important others around us are, and how our lives have been so complete and happy.

P.S. This work of art "Seasons of Life" isn't about a barn that is falling down. If you have been with your partner for a long time, you can relate to this artwork the way it was intended. As is, it is an unfinished piece."

"Seasons change, friends move away, and life goes on from day to day. Flowers fade and streams go dry and many times we wonder why. Yet we can always be assured because God tells us in His Word, that unlike changes in the weather, love goes on and las. "

- Author Unknown

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