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Out with our cultured friends we toured the Nelson-Atkins Museum (the distinction of cultured being those that pulled their Museum Membership cards out of their wallets and those of us that could only look on in admiration). Our group outings consist of lunch followed by a social time (social time consists of everyone pulling out their smartphones, checking their e-mail, Facebook page or really cool youtube.com video's -- those that did not have smartphones are left out). The outing concluded with a tour of the 'World Fair' exhibit. I feel cultured already.

I'm never quite sure what you can take a picture of and what you can't in a museum but I typically bring my camera. The picture above is of the Rozzelle Court Restaurant hallway ceiling. I like the blues and browns and the darkened shadows of the painted ceiling and the repeating arch theme through the picture.

"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning"

- Louis L'Amour

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