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On a recent trip to North Kansas City I noticed some of the old structures were being torn down and it encouraged me to get out and take pictures of some of the old grain elevators downtown. It is a bit of a struggle to get motivated to go out and take pictures. Not every trip yields a favorable return -- but on this excursion I was not disappointed.

A structure I've driven past on many occasions is the old Bunge grain elevators (a storage capacity of 4.3 million bushels -- I counted about 90 silos) near Southwest Boulevard and 7th Street Trafficway in Kansas City. It is hard to capture something as large as this palatial grain caisson so I settled on the more picturesque center tower structure and cropped the image to focus on the area shown above.

I jazzed up the picture a bit, accentuating the colors. I liked the oddly placed rectangular windows and vent openings highlighted by the dark scaffolding and ladders. The rusted pipe and late afternoon blues provided a colorful contrast to the weathered side of the building, For me the coup-de-grace was the illuminated telephone lines in the lower left part of the picture (I took the picture about two hours before sunset).

"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."

- Winston Churchill

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