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A little over a year ago we put up a bird house outside the kitchen window. If you have to wash dishes you might as well have something to look at. It took awhile, but we finally have some feathered occupants -- we named them Ralph and Alice. Wherever one is so is the other. They fly in together bringing various twigs, grasses and such. One enters the bird house to fashion the nest while the other waits outside before flying out together. Based on the amount of cotton like material that's being flown into this abode we are fairly certain someone's overstuffed outdoor cushion may be a little thinner this Spring.

The new residents are Carolina Chickadees. We have been faithful givers to the Kansas Chickadee fund for many years now and happy to know that our state dollars are hard at work.

I recently read an article entitled '10 Photography Quotes You Should Know'. One of the quotes read "If I saw something in my viewfinder that looked familiar to me, I would do something to shake it up" (Garry Winogrand). The reference to 'shake it up" has to do with how you take the picture. I like to shake it up after I take the picture. And so I submit my version of this Chickadee homestead. If, however, you would like to see the original photo -- just click on the picture.

"And then I waken the birds of spring --
Ho, ho! 'tis time to be on the wing.
They trill and twitter and soar aloft,
And I send the winds to whisper soft,
Down by the little flower-beds,
Saying, 'Come show your pretty heads!
The spring is coming, you see, you see!'
For so sings he, The chickadee-dee!"

- The Chickadee by Sidney Dayre

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