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Normally we have to drive to Branson, Missouri to see our favorite group but yesterday they were in our backyard (so to speak). We gathered up all two of our closest friends and made an evening of it. What about the KU game you say? I say you can always record the 'Game of the Century', the one where they were down by 19 and came back to win it by 1 in overtime and since we forgot to hit the record button to learn all this from a guy in line at the restaurant. But given the choice I'm there to see the Pickers.

They played all our favorites including Ole Blue, Brush Arbor, On My Fathers Side, Ghost Chickens in the Sky. The evening was highlighted when Dwight Murdy sang his and Greg Bailey's new song 'Stand Up For The Flag'. They are all very talented but I really enjoy hearing Dwight sing (Greg, I loved the mandolin on this song and Dan you were awesome on the harmonica).

I respect the Pickers because they can execute those lengthy Virginia reels and 'not lose their grip of their instruments', they have my admiration because they go out of their way to make some very special people feel very special.

I'm partial to seeing them at the cabin at Silver Dollar City -- but having them in your backyard is the next best thing.

To listen to Dwight and Greg's Song - Stand Up For The Flag - click on this link.

Click Here --> Stand Up For The Flag (Then click the Play button)

1 Credits for the quote above to Mark Twain

"Bluegrass has brought more people together and made more friends than any music in the world. You meet people at festivals and renew acquaintances year after year.

- Bill Monroe

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