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I stopped by a well-known fast food restaurant for a cup of coffee on my way to work and ordered a single cup of coffee. The curbside digital display briefly flashed the price of 43 cents (normally 89 cents). As I pulled forward I glanced back at the display and noticed something behind the word 'coffee'. Either not sure of or not wanting to believe what I saw, I chose not to question the matter, price or my good fortune. I paid the fare and pulled forward to the next window to collect my order. Taped to the side of my java was my receipt (in this case a certificate of sorts).

Perhaps it was the slowed staccato of my ordering voice or the 'graying about the temples' on the video monitor. Whatever the reason, it can no longer be denied. There on the receipt, in official thermal paper black ink, were the words that I will in time come to revere:


"Of all the ways to make a good cup of coffee -- by accident is as good as any."

- Author Unknown

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