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I have always been interested in how things work -- taking something apart either literally or reasoning through a process to learn how it works (and voiding my share of warranties along the way). Understanding how an artist goes about the process of creating a work of art is a little more complex. I am intrigued at how the use of lights and darks aptly placed on paper bring to life a picture.

While not a painting, pictured above is Todd Nelson, Master Glass Blower at Silver Dollar City's Hazel's Blown & Cut Glass Factory. I liked the way the light fell across his right side in this picture. It is difficult to get pictures in the glass shop due to low light conditions (I prefer to not to use the flash if I can avoid it). I waited around until Todd completed his demonstration and the crowd moved out. He was talking to someone and was in that paused pose (reminiscent of the early days of photography). To capture these pictures it helps to have a tripod or steady hand (I don't have any image stabilization lenses), lots of ISO, as wide an aperture as you can and a steady subject.

I enjoy capturing the candid shots of those at SDC, particularly the craftsmen. The life of a master craftsman is not about money or fame (I suspect there isn't much of either). Rather there is an innate love for the craft. For that, I and many others are thankful for these dedicated few.

"Beyond a doubt truth bears the same relation to falsehood as light to darkness."

- Leonardo da Vinci

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