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I rarely work on the picture of the week more than a week in advance. The idea's come in strange ways. Nikon has announced their new Nikon D4 with an AF-S Nikon 85mm f/1.8G Lens (excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin). Now I am a confirmed Canon photographer (you dance with the one that got you there) but I'm thinking this camera might be worth a serious look. This particular lens is marketed as creating a 'beautiful bokeh' (an aesthetic background blur). You can create this with any quality lens with a wide aperture and some have been very creative with this effect.

I thought to do the same with this weeks picture. I pulled our carafe from the shelf and filled it with water (about an inch from the top) and set it on our kitchen table. In the background was a black poster board draped with white Christmas lights in a random pattern. I set the camera up at the other end with the carafe closer to the camera end. I set my 50mm lens to f1.4 and focused on the top of the carafe, turned off the room lights and snapped the picture.

Next, I loaded the image into Photoshop, duplicated the image and applied a Chrome filter to the top image. I then blended the top layer with the bottom layer using the difference feature, offsetting the top layer a bit and then tweaked the colors. The image turned at an angle was accomplished by skewing the top right and bottom right corners. Finally, I added the mirror effect by copying the image and flipping it upside down and used the gradient tool to fade the image at the bottom.

What is in the soil is in the grape.
What is in the grape is in the wine.
And what is in the wine is in our hearts.

Salute e Amore

(The last line from the movie - The Engagement Ring)

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