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Lest anyone think I'm one of those photographers that's afraid of a little wildlife -- using a long lens to make it look like your nose to nose but really you're about 2 miles back -- I'm not! I'm literally inches away (lens to nose) from this walking hair commercial for a detangler and frayed ends control. Yes, it could have leapt at me with speed and agility heretofore unknown and have my lunch -- but I also am equally nimble and (oh who am I kidding) the best I could do is fall down and play dead.

The squirrels of Silver Dollar City vie for their share of attention and are equally entertaining. I've seen them lumbering under the weight of a fully loaded cob (wide eyed and hardly believing their good fortune), desperately trying to haul their find down the asphalt pathways to some behind the scenes location. This squirrel was clearly looking for a handout -- a funnel cake or an apple turnover (neither of which I'm willing to part with).

Not wanting to end up like the pour soul in the Mississippi Squirrel song I came to my senses and slowly backed away -- my pictures (and lunch) in my possession.

Rocky here wants everyone to know that Silver Dollar City has over 4 million brightly colored acorns on display (well, from his perspective).

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."

- John Muir

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