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In a little two room cabin located just off the main square at Silver Dollar City is home to one of our favorite music groups -- The Homestead Pickers. Most days they play out on the front porch and better than 100 will gather around finding a seat in one of the porch rockers, bench seats or the rock wall in front of the cabin.

We have seen them for so many years and know most of their jokes that our joy is in watching those who are seeing them for the very first time. If you have heard them sing Ghost Chickens in the Sky or their Hillbilly Rap then you know what I mean. Many of their songs are written by the different members of the group like Christmas in the Cabin. In addition they play some of the old traditional songs - Mansion on a Hilltop, Get up Mule and Mississippi River Waltz.

During the Old Time Christmas Festival you will find them in the cabin with the old stone hearth fireplace warming the cabin. It is here we have enjoyed some very special times.

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Picture Location: Silver Dollar City
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