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Another of the craftsmen and craftswomen celebrating 43 years at Silver Dollar City's Fall festival is the Sanders family. Their specialty is all things: corn, corn husks and farm decor (including hay baling demonstrations -- the small sample hay bales). The entire family has a hand in the artistic and innovative creations. Pictured above is an example of their latest - dyed corn husks. The process involves an old cook stove, corn (husk and all) and a stew of sorts of the secret recipe. The whole of this is simmered for some period of time before hanging out to dry.

On occasion I hear the term "the photographer's eye" which best describes the ability to see the picture before it is one. When I'm at Silver Dollar City, if I'm not listening to music, I'm looking for that one picture that robs you of all peripheral vision. It could be something that has been there all these years and I've missed it or, as in this case, something new. When you spot it, the photographers equivalent of buck fever takes hold. I saw the Sanders artistic display of the dyed corn husks and immediately begged a picture (they graciously obliged -- perhaps hoping that my photographer glazed eyes, chin drool and good demeanor will return to normal after I get the picture).

Post Script

I originally published this article referring to the corn husks as corn shocks. A friend of mine (Kansas farm raised) corrected me. "The thin paper like layers around the ear of corn is the 'husk'. A corn 'shock' is a teepee shaped pile of bundled corn plants or stocks. Each bundle represents about a dozen stocks of corn that are tied normally with a single piece of twine."

I changed the text above but leave the title as is. It sounds better than 'HUSK AND AWE'.

"If you sense the potential for a good photograph, you wait, you wait and you wait. Then in a fleeting instant, you grasp it like a predator and relish the moment."

- Marc Ribould

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