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Violet Hensley celebrates her birthday (as she has for the past 43 years) as a craftswoman at the Silver Dollar City Harvest Festival. Violet is best known as a fiddle maker. At her booth she has a display of fiddles in various stages of completion including the molds used to give the fiddle its distinctive shape. Not only does she make fiddles, she plays them as well. Besides fiddles she also hand carves 'wooden spoon's'. Not the kind you'd toss a salad with -- these are play'n spoons -- never far from good music and always at the ready.

When she isn't doing all that, she'll show you how to make a whistle using an acorn cap. Pictured above she places the cap between her fingers sends air over the top producing a sound as shrill and sharp as any coaches whistle.

The mother of nine children, grandmother and great grandmother she is always a joy to see at the Harvest Festival each year.

(Click on the picture to see Violet playing one of her fiddles)

"Music is a great gift, one of the greatest anybody can have, because it's something nobody can take away from you. Money can't buy it. It's a very precious thing, I think, very precious."

- Ernie Carpenter 1909-1997 Appalachian fiddler.

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