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I'm intrigued by the artistic mind. I walked by this palette of artist Janet Wood, one of the crafts persons at the Silver Dollar City Fall Festival. My first thought was 'I wonder if there is an order in which the colors were laid out'. I studied it a moment. There had to be (or therein lies the limitation of the mind that thinks in square roots - black & white - precision and order). I wondered if they were arranged as lights to dark or according to the color wheel. Perhaps they were positioned in a manner to facilitate their blending. I finally asked and without hesitation (and with apparent empathy of the plight of the left brained), she responded 'no - there's no order, just a random placement'.

Somewhat disappointed at not finding order in the arts I was at least taken by the artistic expression of the color palette. Apparently, I was the third person to take a picture of it that day.

You can veiw Janet's (equally colorful) artwork online at:


"Painting is easy when you don't know how,
but very difficult when you do."

- Edgar Degas

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