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If you have ever wandered past the McHaffie Cabin just off the main square at Silver Dollar City you may have heard the lone voice of the storyteller telling a tale with more twists and turns than the fibers in a thread of yarn. The stories take you deep in the legends and lore of the Ozarks, back where most dare not go (lest of course they know your momma -- or so I'm told).

Before radio and audio books there was the storyteller, with stories passed from generation to generation. Huddle next to family or a friend and shiver and quake as the mystery starts to unfold. My favorite, so far, is a story about an old house with a mysterious blue light outside although I recently heard a new story called the 'Ciphering Dog' (that was a good one).

Pictured above is Judy Young, known to many as Aunt Judy. If my facts are correct this is her 32nd year as the Silver Dollar City Storyteller. Often you will find her weaving or spinning while telling her story.

Teacher and author with extensive education including master's work in children's theater, Judy has a love for the language and is more than qualified to spin a yarn.


"Don't say the old lady screamed-bring her on and let her scream."

- Mark Twain

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