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Writer's Digest (a magazine and online website dedicated to helping writers) asked authors for their best writing advice in 10 words or fewer. One responded "Write something so painfully personal you pray nobody reads it". I'm thinking -- "I DON'T THINK SO", "No Way", "Not going to happen". The point is not lost though.

My first introduction to a well written story was a novel by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, read to us by a grade school teacher. According to wikipedia.com Ms. Rawlings had submitted several projects to her editor, each being rejected. Finally, he encouraged her to write about something that she knew from her own life. From that came 'The Yearling'.

There's probably a story waiting to be written in many of us, perhaps a story worthy of a Pulitzer Prize. If there is the passion to write then sit and put pen to paper.


Pictured above is the SDC Book & Print Shop in the location it occupied for many years. It was one of my favorite places to visit and peruse the many books on the history of the Ozarks (fact and lore).

One of my favorite books sold in the bookstore was the Shepherd of the Hills by Harold Bell Wright. While fiction, the story is based on the lives of people that lived in the Branson area. The book gave me an appreciation for this very special part of the world.

The picture was taken in May of 2005. Shortly thereafter the bookstore was relocated to another part of the park. I believe the ever popular Tintype Photo Shop now occupies the entire building.


A couple of my favorite writing resources are the online websters.com dictionary website the visualthesaurus.com site which graphically lays out synonyms. There is also the writersdigest.com website. Many community colleges have a variety of resources for those with an interest in learning how to write.

[Webster Online Dictionary]

[Visual Thesaurus]

[Writers Digest]

I just wish there was grammar and punctuation pill that I could take and get it over with. As I am not aware of any I have pulled the book "Eats Shoots & Leaves" by Lynne Truss from my bookshelf and have started to grind my way through.

"I write when Iím inspired, and I see to it that Iím inspired at nine oíclock every morning".

- Peter De Vries

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