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One of the things I enjoy about Silver Dollar City is seeing the same people each time we visit the park. It is kind of like seeing an old friend. One of our favorite places to eat in the park is Jack's Sandwich Shop. We like it that it hasn't changed much in all these years. There is a comfort to this place where you can get a sandwich, a cup of soup and a slice of their famous pies, sit and relax a bit. On several occasions the gentleman above (his name tag reads 'Junior') would grill our sandwich order unless we were splitting a Big Jack's Sandwich. Each time we passed through the line I kept thinking I need to get his picture. Last year I asked and he like so many obliged (I snapped his picture right there in the food line).

I think he felt a little uncomfortable that I asked to take his picture and suggested I get the shop's lead picture (which I did -- I won't turn down a picture opportunity). But it was his picture that I was after. I have often said if you're pretty you probably won't end up on my site. I like the distinct features that occurs only over time.

"Character develops itself in the stream of life."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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