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If I had the pick of states of where to live -- I'm not sure Kansas would have ranked much above 50. It's flat (by most standards) with few distinguishing features (no mountains or ocean views). It can be stifling hot with no relief for days and bone chilling cold with wind gusts to near absolute zero (that's what it feels like at times).

It can also be a night of an unlimited view of the stars camping near a lake, mid-summer rains (the kind where you can smell the rain in the air) and rich and colorful autumn days. There is something to be said about seeing as far as the eye can see.

Kansas has managed to save the markings of its history. The Santa Fe Trail wagon wheel ruts still mark the ground just a few miles west of our home. The MaHaffie House Stagecoach Stop & Farmstead is a historic site in town. The cattle drives to Kansas City have long since stopped (the stockyards were still a part of Kansas City when we moved here -- not sure if they're still there now). The bravado of the wild west is still played out in Dodge City.

On a recent visit to a nearby orchard I snapped this picture. Just some old flower pots adding a bit of decor to the front porch of the orchard gift shop. It's fun to just take an afternoon and enjoy the ambiance of what's still the old west.

"The next best thing to being clever is being able to quote someone who is"

- Mary Pettibone Poole

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