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(Hint: that's not the horse's name)

Just when you thought you have heard it all, as if you were suddently born yesterday someone springs something new on you. It came out of nowhere -- a conversation with friends. It seems that in the rural spanses folk have a way of incorporating normal every day life into the small town gathering and festivities -- all things taken in stride.

Horse Apple Bingo (I had to ask twice myself) is apparently akin to what I know to be a cake walk but involves a large canvas with numbered squares on it and a horse. The unwary (if you're from the city) purchase a square and the game of chance commences. The idea is that a horse is walked across the canvas and when the numbered square is selected (by the business end of the horse) the winner receives a prize (in this particular case money -- to any young child a king's ransom).

This story was not shared with us without cause for celebration. Our friend had a vested interest in the outcome having purchased a square. In the horses' own time a particular numbered square was seemingly and by all known laws of gravity a certainty pending the final confirming act -- the ticket to the square held by one very excited young girl. But greater fortunes have come and gone and it seems this was no exception. At the last second the horse dropped a hind leg listing ever so slightly to the right which changed the fortune instead to my friends square. No doubt as an act of kindness (he could do no less) he shared a portion of his winnings with the little girl.

Horse Apple Bingo

I need to get out more!

"My experience of horses is that they never throw away a chance to go lame, and that in all respects they are well meaning and unreliable animals. I have also observed that if you refuse a high price for a favorite horse, he will go and lay down somewhere and die."

- Mark Twain

Story attributed to Phil Giffin

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