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Most times when I post a picture with flowers I receive a "them are real purdy flowers. reallllll purrrrrdy" e-mail from kin east of the Mississippi. So I mentioned last week that I would get back to the 'tobacco spittle, wet wood and banjo pick'n' that has come to define most of my pictures.

I enjoy capturing images that are vivid. One of my memories from college was of an individual who was a varsity rower on the university rowing team. He towered above most, had long stringy red hair, liked to chew and drove an old rusted pickup (a late 1940's Ford). The team often rode out to the lake in a couple of vehicles, as many as could would pile in the back of the pickup. It was the image of Red at the wheel with a bunch of oarsmen in the back racing out to the lake in a rusted old pickup with tobacco spittle streaked down the driver's side at an angle that I'll long remember. It was a site. That would have been a great picture.
(Editor-in-chief comment: euuwww!)

One of the best times to take outdoor pictures is just after it has finished raining. Wet adds character to anything that will soak it up or hold it (particularly wood). Most often it adds a blue tint and enriches and reflects other colors as well.

Traditional acoustic bluegrass best defines my music style. I can't play a lick but enjoy listening to this music whenever I can. It also defines an era that I like to capture in my pictures. Homespun simplicity and hard work followed by some front porch pick'n. The banjo isn't shy about defining the pace or its presence through a tune. Even the most reserved toe can't help but sneak a tap or two.

So when I say 'Tobacco Spittle, Wet Wood and Banjo Pick'n' -- I mean to pay a high compliment.

(P.S. if you didn't notice the special effect -- move your mouse pointer over the picture)

(A sign on one of the outdoor rides at Silver Dollar City)


'Do not expectorate or spit on walls, roof, operator or other impedmenta herein.'

The picture and writ'n is approved (barely) by the Editor-in-Chief of this outfit.
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