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I have been driving by this Farmers Market and kept thinking I need to get a picture before they cut the corn in the background. After a few weeks of saying that -- I finally completed the task.

Before I left I purchased some tomatoes and peaches. When we got home I sliced up one of the tomatoes and was immediately reminded of the great taste of farm fresh tomatoes. Every night since, upon arriving home I picked out a tomato, positioned myself at the table (a fork in my left hand and a knife in my right) and carved it like it was a fine steak. My choice of steak sauce -- sea salt. The only thing missing was the white linens and the maitre d. There for a few minutes I delighted in this rare delicacy savoring every bite.

If its been awhile since you've tasted fresh farm food -- the next time you see a roadside Farmers Market -- stop and pick the best out of the bunch and then sit back and enjoy this rural kickshaw. In fact as I am writing I'm salivating for another . . . (ok I'm back -- just finshed the last of my cache). Note to self -- pick up some more farm fresh tomatoes.

Post Script - This picture was taken on September 14th -- it is now November 16th. The corn is still there but the market is long gone.

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