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I have to say that of all the rural structures my favorite is the old barns. They are picturesque, ornate and generally a reflection of the builders architectural taste. They are practical to the hilt and built to last. They bring a sense of serenity to a country landscape.

I've been learning about color or more specific - managing color with digital images and printing. And as with most things the more I learn the more I find I don't know. It seems that blue is not blue until it is properly defined by three different numbers in RGB speak (red, green, blue). For some time I've been quite content to adjust my color monitor based on what looked correct (at least to my good eye -- perhaps herein lies the problem). But what looks blue to me is often anything but blue when printed out on a printer. And so was born the ICC standards for color.

This all starts with a scientific calibration of the color monitor. To do so you need a not so inexpensive color calibrator. A few agonizing hours later and I have calibrated my monitor (I think). The color looks awful -- but I am assured it is a color correct awful. So now when I print an awful picture I can hold it next to the monitor and it will match. Further, others that use proper color management will be able to duplicate the same awful print. Well I'll give it a try. (By the way the roof of the barn is suppose to be a light blue -- a 73, 123, 201 blue in RGB)

'A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.'

- Author Unknown

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