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Traditions are a great part of any holiday. One of our Christmas traditions at Silver Dollar City is listening to Uncle Gene read his Christmas story (pictured above). In a few minutes he will knock on the back door of the McHaffie cabin to go to bed. Of course the cabin is full of guests enjoying the music of the Homestead Pickers. There is the traditional banter as Uncle Gene tries to make his entrance but is told he can't go to sleep because there is a room full of people some of whom are sitting on his bed. Eventually he makes his way in and after a few more minutes of witticisms Uncle Gene settles down in a chair (a bone grinding process that takes 2-3 minutes). First he shares his favorite Christmas decoration -- a snow globe (a mason jar) that he gives a little shake before it's set up on the fireplace mantle. When the snowflakes begin to settle you notice the 'festive' ornament inside are his uppers (I love it). This old cabin and those within have brought a lot of joy to many people. We have been privileged to be guests in the cabin on many occasions. I never tire of it.

Gene Borner (Uncle Gene) is in his 26th year at SDC (and that's after he retired from his first career). He can be found greeting guests at the Marvel cave and Hospitality House entrance by day and as Uncle Gene at the cabin by night during the Old Time Christmas festival. (Click on the picture to view a picture of Uncle Gene by the light of day).

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1.) Don't tell all you know.

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