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Pictured above is the front porch of the McHaffie Cabin. Built in 1843 by the Levi Casey family from Tennessee, the cabin was relocated to Silver Dollar City where it is now home to the Homestead Pickers, Jack & Dave, Charlie, Aunt Judy the Storyteller, Shirley cookin' supper in the kitchen and others at the Homestead. A sign out front of the cabin notes that it "is one of the oldest homesteads surviving from the frontier days".

We just got back from spending a few days at SDC's Bluegrass & BBQ Festival. We listened to some great music and nibbled on the BBQ. The weather could not have been any better. This year SDC hosted the Open Mic Championship. In the good old days, Bluegrass groups sang around a single microphone out of necessity. From that came a style of music known by the 'leaning into the mic' and the careful choreography as each member of the group moves to the mic to play. Eleven Groups competed for the top prize but everyone one of the groups brought a unique style of music to the contest. I'm glad I didn't have to pick a 1st place.

And -- I picked up a few new pic's.

"Solitude is as needed to the imagination
as society is wholesome to the character."

- James Russell Lowell

Picture Location: Silver Dollar City
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