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Growing up we celebrated all of the holidays in grand fashion -- but April Fools Day is when all the stops were pulled out. Usually it started early in the morning when we sat down for breakfast. Bleary eyed and hungry -- before us was a bowl, spoon, sugar bowl, whole milk from Lasch Dairy Farm (in a glass bottle) and an assortment of cereal boxes (so far everything is pretty routine). We would select our cereal of choice and start to fill our bowls when all sorts of chaos ensued. Out of the Lucky Charms box came Cheerios. Out of the Cheerios box came Capt'n Crunch. And out of the Capt'n Crunch box came Trix cereal and so on. All sorts of trickery would follow through the day. There was the plastic hand draped over the potato chip bag in the cupboard -- the fake sponge hot dog on a bun. Any number of jaw dropping statements were made after which the phase 'April Fools' would clear the air. And to wrap it up plastic bugs would be waiting for us in our beds.

Most of these April Fools jokes have played themselves out in our family. But its always fun to hear 'April Fools' on April 1st.

Picture Location: Silver Dollar City
The picture and writin' is approved by the Editor-in-Chief of this outfit.

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